mobilityView Announces Retail Version & Announces SkipTheDishes As Their First Partner

December 08, 2021
mobilityView Announces Retail Version & Announces SkipTheDishes As Their First Partner

MCM Secures Large Tax Deductions, Reduces Cellphone Costs & Ensures Tax Compliancy For Gig Workers/Couriers/Freelancers/Contractors & Work From Home Employees

Toronto, December 8th 2021 : “We are announcing two great developments today. The 1st is that we have created a retail version of our MCM solution targeted to couriers/gig workers/contractors/freelancers and Work From Home Employees. The 2nd is our partnership with SkipTheDishes where they will be distributing our MCM solution to all of their drivers, ” said Thom Damstra CEO of mobilityView.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering with SkipTheDishes in Canada, “ said Thom Damstra CEO of mobilityView. “SkipTheDishes is a global success story and is one of Canada’s leading technology companies. It is a testament to true partnership for them to have identified our startup as globally unique, and highly value adding to their Courier community. The Canadian business community should take a page out of this partnership and be doing more to promote and partner with local Canadian small businesses whether they be with a startup like ourselves, a restaurant, or my fellow entrepreneurs who are self-employed Couriers. It is wonderful to see two great companies in SkipTheDishes and mobilityView coming together to wrap themselves in the Maple Leaf flag by supporting the local business community here in Canada,” Damstra continued.

“SkipTheDishes will benefit from this partnership via their 1st mover advantage here in Canada by decreasing their Driver acquisition and retention costs and increasing Driver loyalty/retention,” continued Damstra.

Time Machine for MCM allows a Smartphone user to retroactively make a tax deduction claim in years in which they failed to make a claim. It is estimated that time Machine could provide any driver with up to a $4,000 to $6,000 retroactive cumulative tax deduction for years in which they claimed too little or nothing at all.

Any user will save $1,500 / year by not carrying a 2nd dedicated Smartphone used to generate income as a Gig Worker/Courier/Contractor/Freelancer. Cellphone costs are prohibitively expensive in Canada and mobilityView eliminates the need for a 2nd phone by allocating cost between business and personal purposes for calls, smses, and data usage.

MCM (with Time Machine enabled) will secure up to a $1,000 tax deduction in 2021 for the business usage of the worker’s personal smartphone. MCM provides Big Data capabilities that no Wireless Operator billing system can provide and will exceed CRA requirements for tax deduction documentation & substantiation. MCM by itself will secure up to a $1,000 tax deduction for each year after app installation.

MCM will allow anyone to document and substantiate the business vs. personal usage and cost for their Smartphones to meet tax authority substantiation requirements that are being strictly enforced. Prior to the pandemic there was increasing focus on Smartphones, but now due to the Work From Home trends and ballooning budget deficits tax authorities are actively auditing Tax Deductions related to Smartphones, due to their understanding that the vast majority of Smartphone usage is personal for most people. Keep yourself audit proof for the tax deductions you make this year, and in the event that you get audited use Time Machine to protect yourself against auditors denying 100% of your tax deduction and charging interest and penalties due to the failure of providing adequate (as the tax authorities define it) documentation and substantiation to support the line by line and item by item business vs. personal usage and cost.

Tim Cestnik tax writer for the Globe & Mail wrote an article warning Gig Economy workers the likelihood of an audit would increase substantially as Gig Workers have been targeted for increased scrutiny by the CRA. (

Jamie Golombek the National Tax Writer for the National Post newspaper said that he was audited for WFH expenses. ( Cellphones were an audit item and here is a direct quote from his article :

“For cellphone expenses, the CRA wants a copy of the mobile contract, copies of the detailed monthly account summaries or similar statements, proof of payment and “a breakdown of the minutes and data used to earn employment income.”

These tax developments are not just limited to Canada. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) and the United States of America (IRS) are also targeting Gig Workers and their tax deductions. (

There is strong evidence that the OECD was coordinating on cellphone taxable benefits and cellphone deductions prior to the pandemic. (

mobilityView’s MCM Platform will allow Gig Drivers/Workers/Couriers/Employees to

1. Get up to $4,000 to $6,000 cumulative tax deduction for previous tax years in the event that a Driver forgot to claim in those years.

2. Save up to $1,500 / year by only carrying 1 phone for Gig Work and personal usage

3. Secure up to $1,000 tax deduction for 2021

4. Keep tax compliant by meeting & exceeding the substantiation requirements that have been affect for years and now being increasingly enforced only allowing the documented & substantiated business portion of a cellphone expense (plan and hardware) to be claimed.

5. Provide next generation informational capabilities (Big Data sets) that will document to the penny every call, sms, and packet of data and the associated cost that was both business/gig work and personal.

6. mobilityView Big Data sets are more comprehensive and better than any Telcom Operator billing system can provide. We provide information that has never been historically possible for calls, smses, and data usage both local and roaming.

7. Future proof a gig worker for tax compliancy, documentation and substantiation

8. Provide a time machine capability to go back 4 to 6 years to get a deduction or prove the business portion in the event of an audit.

About SkipTheDishes

SkipTheDishes is the sister company to GrubHub in the USA and both GrubHub and SkipTheDishes are owned by Just Eat Take Away (JET) of the Netherlands.JET is the largest Gig Economy Company in the world targeting food delivery.