August 06, 2018
mobilityView Announces Strategic Partnership with Chorus Communications as a Master Agency

To provide business customers with real-time mobile data business intelligence that will re- define the role of smartphones in business

mobilityView - the leading provider of real-time mobile data, smart insight, cloud platforms for mobile smart devices (smartphones, phablets, tablets, etc.), and Chorus Communications - an award-winning Technology Consulting Master Agency, have announced a business partnership that will help businesses gain more insight into mobile usage than ever before. As a pioneering innovator in the B2B space, Chorus Communications has a proven track record, as a trusted partner, helping companies get the most out of cloud and wireless communication solutions, by searching for and partnering with ground-breaking technology advancements. And now, with mobilityView’s MCM (Mobile Cost Management) Platform, Chorus Communications can provide customers with an unparalleled view of how mobile smart devices contribute to business efficiency and productivity goals and objectives.

Monthly mobile data traffic, per smartphone, is predicted to grow to a staggering 49 GB per month, in North America, by 2023 (Ericsson Mobility Report 2018), with video accounting for almost 73% of all usage. Mobile smart devices, such as smartphones, will become the main, or perhaps, even the only access to the internet. mobilityView has prepared for this challenge by creating the wireless operator independent cloud service, which provides comprehensive real-time insight, like identifying business versus personal usage of ALL types of devices and networks. With mobilityView’s MCM Platform, Chorus Communications can help firms:

  • Use unprecedented reporting and analytics, in real-time, for gaining insight, understanding mobile spend, reducing mobile costs and simplifying mobile expenses
  • Clearly identify mobile consumption (voice, data, roaming, Wi-Fi and texting)
  • Help mobile policy reflect corporate strategy: Support Corporate Owned, BYOD, COPE, COIT and any ownership models. Move to control costs and maximize ROI
  • Reduce overages on your mobile invoices, like roaming and data
  • Ensure 100% compliancy with the governmental rules on Taxable Benefits
  • Changing the paradigm concerning privacy, by putting end users in control of personal information disclosure

“Chorus Communications providesan extensive portfolio of cutting-edge IT and wireless communication products, and consultancy services for small, medium and enterprise businesses.,” said Dan Cronin, President of Chorus Communications. “By forging a partnership with mobilityView, we can further enhance our customers solutions with a tool that drives agility and control. This innovative solution also allows businesses to be data- driven, more customer centric, have new ideas and make better decisions.”

mobilityView is a cloud service for mobile smart device fleets, for businesses of any size. The solution provides real-time insight, a complete view, of all mobile costs (voice, SMS, data, local / roaming), previously not thought possible, across the entire business. Using patented technology, it can categorize usage and cost into business and personal based on how each employee uniquely uses their mobile smart device each month. Businesses are no longer in the dark, guessing at what is happening and what is driving their mobile costs. A business can now move forward in a proactive and positive way, making informed decisions.

“The MCM Platform provides clear, unequivocal and immediate return on investment for businesses of any size”, said Thom Damstra, CEO of mobilityView. “The ability to track and analyze all usage provides companies with opportunities to pivot corporate strategies, enhance HR policies, provide new flexi-benefits and make the right spending choices. Additionally, any potential changes to tax rules regarding smartphones, made by the Internal Revenue Service, may require companies and individuals to track business versus personal usage. mobilityView is the only solution on the market that allows you to track every second, every text message, and every byte of data, while putting end users exclusively in control over the disclosure of their personal information.”

About Chorus Communications

Chorus Communications is an award-winning Technology Consulting Firm that has built an unmatched reputation with its sales-partners, suppliers, and customers. Founded in 1995, Chorus is highly regarded as a leading Master Agency and has an extensive portfolio of cutting edge products and services to meet today’s ever-evolving world of technology. The experts at Chorus will provide knowledgeable recommendations on your needs from complex cloud designs to global wide-area network deployments and everything in between.

Chorus is dedicated to helping our sales partners and customers in making knowledgeable choices about services, technology, and cost-efficient communications. Chorus Communications has received numerous awards and accolades to learn more about Chorus Communications, please visit their website at

About mobilityView

mobilityView is a mobile smart data real time analytics company, which leverages the power of the cloud. Its patented technology provides smart insights to enable businesses to drive substantial return on investment on mobile smart device (smartphones, phablets, tablets, etc.) assets. mobilityView enables any business to align mobile smart devices to business goals and objectives, to drive efficiency and profitability, with an increased measurable sales and marketing engagement effectiveness with customers. mobilityView transforms mobile smart devices into powerful strategic assets driving measurable productivity improvements and lower costs for a leaner, more competitive, business.

mobilityView provides a clear view of how mobile smart devices can contribute to profitable business growth. The MCM (Mobile Cost Management) Platform enables businesses to gain insight, understand mobile spend, reduce mobile costs and simplify mobile expenses, to ensure tax compliance, while putting end users in control of their own privacy. For enterprises to be data- driven, customer centric, have the right ideas and make the right decisions.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, mobilityView was incorporated in 2014, with an impressive Board of Directors, very knowledgeable of enterprise mobility, focused on growth and good governance. To find out more, please visit our website at