mobilityView Announces Version 3.0 Of Their B2B Mobile Cost Management (MCM) App

February 06, 2023
mobilityView Announces Version 3.0 Of Their B2B Mobile Cost Management (MCM) App

The company proud to announce Version 3.0 Of Their Mobile Cost Management (MCM) App

The solution is perfectly timed for those companies that are looking for ways to creatively cut unnecessary and extraneous costs associated with the manner in which they handle Smartphones in their organization.

We are hearing time and again from the B2B arms of Telecom Operators that it is a blood bath out there.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) was growing dramatically prior to the pandemic and then exploded during the pandemic as companies were desperate to reduce costs across the board.

Interestingly post-pandemic companies have also realized that there is little need to provide a company provided phone or 100% employee expense reimbursement; as their employees are anything but mobile.

Typically an employee is now spending 20+ hours per day in a single location (their home) and the need for a dedicated company provided phone is increasingly seen as “redundant” and best a “taxable company perk.” The tax authorities globally are recognizing that the vast majority of usage of a company provided phone is personal, and are increasingly taking the view that 100% of the usage is taxable unless the business vs. personal usage and cost for voice and data can be substantiated by the employer and employee.

Savings Calculator :

  1. 10 Phones - $9,760.32 / year
  2. 100 Phones - $97,630.32 / year (saves 2 full time jobs)
  3. 1,000 Phones $976,303.20 / year (saves 20 full time jobs)
  4. 10,000 Phones - $9.76 million / year (saves 200 full time jobs)
  5. 50,000 Phones - $97.6 million / year (saves 2,000 full time jobs)

The above assumes : $50 / month for the Smartphone Hardware, $35 / month for rate plan, $5 / month for roaming & long distance (each phone roams for less than 1 day per month on average), sales taxes at 13%. Please don't forget employees take their company phones on vacation (3 weeks / year minimum vacation).

A host of new features and functionalities have been added that provide significant economic ROI to both the employer and employee.

We have been able to show time & again a 400%+ NET ROI on our Solution Cost in 32 days or less.

Our Mobile Cost Management (MCM) Solution :

  1. 70% More cost effective than a Stipend for Smartphone Reimbursement
  2. 80% More cost effective than a Company provided phone
  3. Keeps companies labour law and tax law compliant
  4. Protects companies against class action lawsuits by their employees for failure to reimburse or adequately reimburse
  5. Keeps employees reimbursed & happy in a tax efficient lower cost way than a stipend or company provided phone
  6. Aligns your smartphone reimbursement policy to your mileage reimbursement policy. Tax authorities globally have required a mileage book for years and now require a "mileage book for connectivity costs" denoting the business vs. personal usage & cost

MCM Supports :

  1. COPE – Corporate Owned Personally Enabled
  2. BYOD – Bring Your Own Device w/ Company Provided Sim
  3. BYOO – Bring Your Own Operator (BYOD Smartphone & BYOD Sim)
  4. Retail/Consumer – Single Use

A Host Of New Value Added Extras :

  1. Enhanced Reporting
  2. Smartphone Hardware allocation
  3. Next Generation Long Distance & International Calling
  4. Next Generation Roaming Detection & Reporting
  5. Time Machine for historic (pre-app install) reporting & costing

Demonstration Video Of Mobile Cost Management (MCM)

Free Trial (Promo Code : Website09) :


Employee WFH / BYOD Reimbursement :
Employer WFH / BYOD Cost Savings :

Employee & Employer Cost Sharing For Win/Win :
Carrying 2 Phones? Save $1,500 Annually On Cell Bills :

Tax Deduction Changes For US Gig Workers :
Tax Deduction Changes For Canadian Gig Workers :
Tax Deduction Changes For Australian Gig Workers :

US Gig Workers Can Get Up To $3,000 In Retroactive Tax Deductions :

Gig Worker & Employee Tax Deduction/Reimbursement For Previous Years :
Canadian Employee Tax Deduction Up To $1,000 :

Non-Canadian Employee & Gig Worker tax deduction :

Get $30 to $80 / Month Tax Free In The Form Of Reimbursement Or Tax Deduction :

Smartphone global tax trends :