mobilityView Secures A Patent In Ghana Adding 31m To Its Global Patent Portfolio

October 15, 2021
mobilityView Secures A Patent In Ghana Adding 31m To Its Global Patent Portfolio

Toronto, October 14th 2021 – mobilityView Inc. is pleased to announce that on March 30th 2021 the company was issued a patent in Ghana.

The patent grant is the company’s 8th publicly announced patent and covers 31.1m people in Ghana.

mobilityView Inc. is patent pending in 84 countries dating from July of 2013.

“We are pleased to publicly announce the continuation of our 8th patent milestone covering the country of Ghana a market with 31.1m people.”

Additional countries will be disclosed in Africa in the coming weeks & months that are represented by this multi-country patent award, “said Thom Damstra CEO of mobilityView Inc.

“mobilityView has previously disclosed its intent to create a global patent family around our technology and the intent on taking this patent family global. mobilityView Inc. is pleased to add another African country to its ARIPO patent region. The company has now publicly disclosed issued patents that have been issued in 21 countries covering 4 continents and over 828m people, " continued Damstra

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