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November 27, 2018
mobilityView Selected to Participate in Leading FinTech Incubator In Germany

mobilityView selected to engage with leading financial institutions in Frankfurt, Germany

Toronto, 27th November 2018 – TechQuartier (TQ) – a multi-corporate platform where major German banks and the world’s leading financial service providers as well as FinTechs come together, selected mobilityView – the leading provider of mobile data platforms for mobile smart devices (smartphones and tablets), to participate in a leading German Fintech Hub in Frankfurt, in October.

TQ recognized the global need for mobile data solutions and has been greatly encourage with momentum generated in this region by mobilityView. With US Patents and Patents Pending in 84 countries, mobilityView has the world’s first Over-The-Top (OTT) mobile data solution that solves for every byte of data usage, as well as SMS and voice. “We put at customers’ fingertips more information about their usage than even their Telecom Operators can provide them. We are also the first solution that can determine business from personal across all usage types and regardless of whether it is Wi-Fi or on an Operator’s wireless network. In fact, we work on every Telecom Operator’s network in the world – we are completely Operator agnostic,” says Thom Damstra.

The MCM Platform by mobilityView is an enterprise-grade cloud service providing real-time Smart Business Intelligence (SBI) for businesses of any size. It provides a complete view of all mobile costs (voice, SMS, data, local/roaming), previously not thought possible, across the entire business. No longer in the dark, guessing at what is happening, a business can now move forward in a proactive and positive way, making informed decisions. Employers can sleep at night knowing that their costs are contained; and employees can experience mobile democracy – they are freed up to do whatever they want on their mobile device: Play video games, watch movies; engage in social media and take advantage of the fantastic network that telecom operators provide.

“The MCM Platform provides clear, unequivocal and immediate return on investment for businesses of any size”, said Thom Damstra, CEO of mobilityView. “The flexibility of the platform opens up the tantalizing possibilities to simultaneously reduce cost, provide new flexi benefits, and increase the usage of mobility within an organization. Until now, these three simultaneous benefits have been impossible to deliver. Additionally, governments around the world are now recogonizing that the vast majority of mobile usage is personal and there is a tax consequence for the treatment of mobile phones. Tax authorities globally require companies, and their employees, to track business versus personal usage. The tax compliancy piece for Germany was one of the reasons we were selected into TechQuartier’s elite program. mobilityView is the only solution on the market that allows you to track every second, every text message, and every byte of data.”

About TechQuartier

Located in the heart of Frankfurt, TechQuartier (TQ) provides access to a valuable network of startups, corporates, investors, talents and mentors. TQ not only offers an inspiring place to work and collaborate, but also represents a large community of forward-thinking professionals eager to connect and learn. With its numerous programs and events, TQ’s mission is to provide the tools and resources to innovators so that they can change the world. As an entry point to the leading financial center in continental Europe, TechQuartier is a multi-corporate platform where major banks and the world’s leading financial service providers as well as FinTechs come together. At TQ, we pioneer new ways of collaboration, offering state-of-the-art services and products. This is one of the reasons TQ has been selected as the German Fintech Hub in Frankfurt within the Digital Hub Initiative run by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (de:hub). To find out more, please visit TQ at

About mobilityView

mobilityView’s Smart Business Insight (SBI) Platform drives a series of uncorrelated solutions, which all deliver quantifiable and unambiguous digital transformation. The solutions are applicable for businesses of all sizes, as a function of data-driven insights from mobile smart devices (smart phones, phablets, tablets, etc.). mobilityView exists to drive business process change that results in accelerating the achievement of business goals and objectives, and profitability.

mobilityView enables any business to align and mobile smart devices to business goals and objectives, to drive efficiency and profitability, an increased measurable sales and marketing engagement effectiveness with customers. mobilityView transforms mobile smart devices into powerful strategic assets driving measurable productivity improvements and lower costs for a leaner, more competitive, business.

mobilityView enables businesses to gain insight, understand mobile spend, reduce mobile costs and simplify mobile expenses, to ensure tax compliance, while putting end users in control of their own privacy. For enterprises to be data-driven, customer centric, have the right ideas and make the right decisions.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, mobilityView was incorporated in 2014, with an impressive Board of Directors, very knowledgeable of enterprise mobility, focused on growth and good governance. To find out more, please visit our website at