Press Release

August 03, 2021
WingMen Technologies To Provide Mobile Cost Management To All Their Drivers For Free

Toronto, 14 July 2021 WingMen Technologies has agreed to a provide every driver mobilityView’s Mobile Cost Management (MCM) solution as part of their unique driver acquisition and loyalty strategy.

“WingMen will be providing every driver in our system and any new driver we acquire with mobilityView’s Mobile Cost Management (MCM). WingMen believes in a driver 1st strategy. Our entire company ethos is Driver led. Our approach to drivers is unique and highly differentiated from that of our competition. The industry is in a war for Drivers and our driver 1st strategy is perfectly aligned with mobilityView’s approach of helping our Drivers get large tax deductions, keep tax compliant, and significantly reduce their cellphone costs, “ said CEO Jason Williams.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to be announcing our partnership with Jason and the team at WingMen Technologies,” said Thom Damstra CEO of mobilityView. “WingMen has clearly seen where the industry is going and is ahead of the curve. We are delighted to announce our Phase 1 partnership to provide every driver with our unique MCM solution.”

“mobilityView will help us lower our driver acquisition & retention costs, drive competitive differentiation and provide for a simply incredible experience for our drivers,” continued Jason Williams. “Given the tax trends in the United States on cellphones and the governmental focus on Gig Workers, and very significant labour law changes in 24 US states; it is imperative that our company get ahead of the curve. Thom and the team truly have a unique understanding of the tax and labour law trends here in the United States and globally, and we are very much aligned with their vision. “

“By providing our MCM solution to WingMen, mobilityView will be able to get WingMen Drivers up to a $3,000 tax deduction for tax years where they did not claim the business portion of their cellphone plans and hardware. We will show Drivers a way to carry only 1 device thereby saving them an additional $1,500 a year on cellphone costs (hardware, plan & taxes). MCM will get Drivers up to another $1,000 tax deduction for 2021. By using MCM all Drivers will have a next generation set of Big Data that will keep them audit proof on their cellphone claims. MCM provides Big Data capabilities that no Wireless Operator billing system can provide,” said Thom Damstra.

WingMen’s partnership with mobilityView’s MCM Platform will allow WingMen Drivers to

  1. Get up to $3,000 cumulative tax deduction for the 2020, 2019, 2018 tax years in the event that a Driver forgot to claim.
  2. Save $1,500 / year by only carrying 1 phone for Gig Work and personal usage
  3. Secure up to $1,000 tax deduction for 2021
  4. Keep tax compliant by meeting and exceeding the substantiation requirements that went into effect January 1st 2018 only allowing the documented and substantiated business portion of a cellphone expense (plan and hardware) to be claimed.
  5. Provide next generation informational capabilities (Big Data sets) that will document to the penny every call, sms, and packet of data and the associated cost that was both business/gig work and personal.
  6. mobilityView Big Data sets are more comprehensive and better than any Telcom Operator billing system can provide. We provide information that has never been historically possible for calls, smses, and data usage both local and roaming.
  7. Future proof a gig worker for tax compliancy, documentation and substantiation
  8. Provide a time machine capability to go back 3 years to get a deduction or prove the business portion in the event of an audit (iOS only).