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November 06, 2020
40% of video hours come from mobile

The market research firm Parks Associates recently found that 40% of all video consumption hours among Gen Z heads of U.S. broadband households are watched on either a smartphone or tablet.

This is double the amount when compared to total U.S. broadband households.

40% of video hours come from mobile

These statistics will only increase over time especially as screen sizes have increased quite significantly in the last 12 months for mobile phones.

The amount of traffic that is being consumed in this scenario is very substantial and in an era of “unlimited mobile data” you will see massive increases in cellular data consumption.

Clearly watching video on a mobile will have little to do with “work related” activities for the vast majority of people.

It is why the tax authorities are increasingly looking at personal vs. business usage and the associated taxation implications

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40% of video hours come from mobile