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May 29, 2019
5G to be put through its paces at Vodafone esports tournament

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  • If you hadn’t noticed, gamers don’t mind sharing their opinions
  • Global esports market expected to top $1.1 billion this year

5G faces a stern test of its high-bandwidth, low-latency credentials later this year, as Vodafone plans to host an esports tournament on its network in Milan

The operator has partnered with esports competition organiser ESL to produce the tournament. Open to participants from 17 countries, the qualifying and preliminary rounds begin at the end of this month, and the finals will take place in September. There is a €165,000 prize fund.

To be clear: only the grand finals, which take place during Milan Games Week, will be hosted on Voda’s 5G network. All the preceding rounds will take place over the Internet, via whatever connection is available to the entrant.

E-Sports & Gaming On PC & Mobile Will Trigger Explosive Data Consumption

We know that Laptops area already 5G enabled; and we know that laptops will stream content to them in default 4K mode from the likes of Netflix and YouTube. Gaming is going to be a big consumer of cellular data on 5G whether it be to a Laptop that is 5G enabled or a traditional mobile form factor like a phone or a Tablet.

Given trends in mobile gaming, gaming in general, mobile device form factors and the associated hardware specifications and now 5G enabled laptops…. We anticipate that gaming on a phone/tablet/5G enabled PC will consume cellular data at a considerably faster rate than today across all measurement criteria : The amount of data consumed per gaming app/software, the total amount of data consumed by all games, etc.

The seamless connectivity experience (switching from 5G to WiFi) will have a very significant impact on next generation gaming experiences and open up new possibilities as to the User Experience and the level of interactivity. Interactivity is a code word for increased data consumption.

5G to be put through its paces at Vodafone esports tournament