78% Of North Americans Are Looking For Extra Income To Relieve Financial Stress & 25% Looking To Gig & Side Hustle Work

December 12, 2022
78% Of North Americans Are Looking For Extra Income To Relieve Financial Stress & 25% Looking To Gig & Side Hustle Work

As every passing week goes by the financial impact of inflation & the recession is getting worse and worse for the average person.

Ceridian (one of the world's largest Payroll providers) has done exhaustive research and they have made the following observations :

  1. North Americans are more feeling financially stressed than in 2008
  2. 78% of North Americans are looking to increase income to offset financial pressures
  3. 25% of North Americans are looking for Gig Work / Side Hustle for extra income
  4. 54% of Employees had trouble covering expenses between pay periods over the past six months

"Financial stress is no longer just an individual's problem – it's an organizational roadblock that's costing companies billions of dollars in lost productivity," Seth Ross, general manager of consumer services at Ceridian, said in a statement.

"Employers must provide their people with greater financial flexibility to foster workplace productivity and well-being."

See below for the link to the Survey

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