A Canadian Telecom Operator Secures A Global 1st With New Billing Innovation

August 11, 2022
A Canadian Telecom Operator Secures A Global 1st With New Billing Innovation

It’s rare that a Canadian Telecom Operator is the 1st in the world to do something.

Unfortunately in this case it means a price increase for all of its TV, Phone, Wireless and Home Internet customers.

They do not distinguish if the price hike is limited to Consumer or is both Consumer and B2B

Telus is the 1st Telecom Operator in the world to charge a “credit card premium” of 1.5% of your total bill to grant you the privilege of paying their bill with a credit card.

Ohh… You’ll also have to pay HST (Canadian Sales Tax) on top of this premium.

We anticipate Rogers, Bell, Shaw, VideoTron, and all other Telcos will follow suit; if there isn’t significant push back.

Has anyone seen any announcements to the contrary as it would be a great marketing opportunity similar to what T-Mobile has said publicly around AT&T and Verizon price hikes.

Actually yes... Metro PCS (T-Mobile Discount Brand) has increased the cost to pay your paper bill in store by 25% : https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/t-mobiles-...

This is a backdoor way to increase prices without naming Inflation as the justification with the added benefit that they can then make the inflation price increase statement down the road (probably in the next 90 to 180 days.)

We anticipate that this could become a global trend (been a while since Canada was a global leader in Telecom [go back to Nortel then Blackberry/Research In Motion]) as it is a “fantastic piece of billing innovation” that allows the Telcos to increase prices without referencing inflation.

Once again our predictions made years ago on what, why and how Telcos would increase prices/costs to end customers (B2B and Retail) have come true.

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