Average Smartphone Lifecycle Is 3.5 Years & Smartphone Costs Will Continue To Escalate

December 30, 2022
Average Smartphone Lifecycle Is 3.5 Years & Smartphone Costs Will Continue To Escalate

The average age of a Smartphone is now 3.5 years according to one of the world’s largest cellphone insurance and trade-in companies.

As Device Lifecycles lengthen the impact to Telecom Operator P&L will be significant.

When looking at the P&L for Telecom Operators the only area of growth up until 12 months ago was “Hardware Sales”.

“Hardware Sales” has been the growth engine of the Telecom Operator P&L for the last 5 to 8 years.

Over the last 15 months Telecom Operators have on average at least twice raised prices/consumer costs by 5% to 10% each time for the cost of the rate plan or “other fees”.

Given our articles that we have previously written around the trends for Smartphone price increases and what is occurring in the EBOM (Electronic Bill of Materials) and SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) we are likely to see 10% to 14% increases in the cost of handsets to Telecom Operators on a like for like basis in 2023.

This range is likely to be conservative because handset volumes in the last 6 months of 2022 are tanking globally and volume decreases will be offset by an increase in prices across the entirety of the Smartphone range by the OEM.

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