Canadian Employees Are Telling The Largest Employers To Get Lost When It Comes To "Returning To The Office"

February 12, 2023
Canadian Employees Are Telling The Largest Employers To Get Lost When It Comes To "Returning To The Office"

Employees of some of the largest employers in the country are telling their employers "No I don't want to return to the office."


  1. Royal Bank of Canada CEO Dave McKay said his organization is “on a journey to make sure that we're in half or more than half the time in the office,” but also spoke to the challenges of getting hybrid staff back at their office desks for his ideal two-to-three days per week. “There is resistance, honestly. It's a difficult needle to move,” McKay said.
  2. David Noel, senior vice-president of Global HR Services at Scotiabank, said the organization is taking a “purpose-driven” approach to its return-to-office plan, with in-office requirements depending on the type of role and tasks on a given day.
    Employee feedback is playing a role in the plans. Noel said Scotiabank is opening two new “community working spaces” in Mississauga and Scarborough this month to accommodate workers who moved further west or east of Toronto during the pandemic, after hybrid employees cited long commutes as a main factor keeping them at home.
  3. Canadians are cutting back on commuting due to the impact of inflation
  4. Cost of commuting annually is $6,760

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