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September 25, 2018
Canadian Employees Using Company-Issued Devices for Fun

Almost two thirds of the instant messages sent during work hours are not related to work.

Vancouver, BC [September 25, 2018] – Canadian employees whose smartphones are being financed by employers are spending more time sending instant messages to friends and family than connecting with colleagues to deal with tasks, a new Research Co. poll has found.

The online survey of a representative national sample asked Canadians who are employed full time and have a smartphone that their company is paying for about the instant messages they send while at work,

Just over a third of the instant messages that are sent during work hours on company-issued smartphones (35%) are interactions with colleagues for work-related tasks. Almost two thirds of the messages (65%) are interactions with family, friends and acquaintances for fun.

Across the country, full-time employees in Atlantic Canada are the most likely to use their company-issued devices for fun (69%), followed by those in Saskatchewan and Manitoba (67%), Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia (all at 65%) and Alberta (63%).

Full-time employees in the highest annual household income bracket are less likely to use their company-issued devices for fun (60%) than those in the lower income brackets.

Vast Majority Of Mobile Device Usage Is Personal

This article is the reason why tax authorities around the world are now viewing the corporate provided cellphone as a taxable benefit; and are actively enforcing existing tax law and modifying tax law to tighten wording.

It also explains why in many countries the only way to deduct your cellphone bills from your personal taxes (Canada, UK & Europe) you must be able to demonstrate business and personal usage & cost for voice and data. In the US effective January 1st; you as an employee can no longer deduct your cellphone expenses and the only way to be reimbursed is to submit a detailed business only expense claim for voice, data, and sms usage.

Canadian Employees Using Company-Issued Devices for Fun