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January 15, 2019
CEOs Say Recession Is Top Worry for 2019

The possibility of a global recession ranks as the top concern on the minds of corporate leaders as they head into 2019, according to a new survey of chief executives from the Conference Board, a business research group.

That is a dramatic reversal from a year ago, when executives were sanguine about the risk of recession, ranking it their 19th concern overall out of 28 issues, below issues like outdated infrastructure, workforce diversity and income inequality.

Now USA CEO’s Worried About Recession In 2019

It looks like the market jitters of December spooked US based CEO’s as they join CFOs in Canada and EU in their worry that 2019 will be a recessionary year.

We commented on this worrisome trend a month ago here :

In speaking to our global operator partners and their Operator Dealer principals we had 2 very interesting chats in the last 45 days

A sales retention specialist was asked as recently as last week for a massive price drop on the monthly plan at 5 GB / month, and a free iPhone XR for the total all in monthly cost of : CAD $20 / month, USD $14 / Month, EUR 13 / Month, GBP 12 / month.

I had a chat with an Operator Dealer Chief Strategy Officer and he relayed to me that he was currently bidding on a 200 line contract and the customer was asking for a free Samsung J3 with 10 GB / month at a monthly cost of CAD $15 / month, USD $11 / month, EUR 10 / month, GBP 9 / month

How sustainable will this be in the event of a recession given that cost cutting is already a top 5 priority.

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CEOs Say Recession Is Top Worry for 2019