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December 03, 2018
Ericsson Mobility Report November 2018

After years of research and development, 5G commercial launches have started, bringing new opportunities to businesses and consumers.

In the November 2018 edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report we continue to deepen our analysis into what lies ahead for communications service providers as 5G hits the market. In 2024, we project that 5G will reach more than 40 percent population coverage and 1.5 billion subscriptions, making it the fastest generation ever to be rolled out on a global scale. In parallel, cellular IoT is making great strides – connections are set to pass the 4 billion mark by 2024, driven by strong uptake in North East Asia.

Highlights are as follows :

  • 79% Year over year cellular data growth rate the highest/fastest since 2013
  • All of the usage is being driven by personal consumption / personal usage scenarios
  • Video is the primary bandwidth killer
    • Average YouTube resolution is 720 DPI
  • I minute consumption of:
    • Virtual Reality is 733 mb / min
    • 4k video is 1,200 mb / min
    • 8k video is 1,667 mb / min
    • Augmented Reality is 1,867 mb / min
  • Subscription growth is flattening dramatically
  • Americas and Western Europe over 100% penetration
  • 5 Billion smartphones in the market today
  • 8+ 5G Smart phones in the market by end of Q3 2019

Ericsson Mobility Report November 2018