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June 11, 2019
Ericsson predicts 5G will grow faster than expected

Ericsson has revised upward its mobile 5G growth predictions as adoption of 5G has accelerated more quickly than the company anticipated.

Ericsson’s latest “Mobility Report” predicts there will be 1.9 billion mobile 5G subscriptions globally by the end of 2024, up from the 1.5 billion subscriptions by 2024 that it had predicted in its November 2018 Mobility Report. The company attributed the 400 million subscription increase to “rapid early momentum and enthusiasm” in the global market around 5G.

Patrik Cerwall, head of strategic marketing and co-author of the report, told FierceWireless there are more early 5G devices available than the company had initially predicted. He pointed to China, specifically, as a surprising early driver of 5G mobile subscriptions.

Ericsson predicts 5G networks will cover 45% of the world’s population by 2024, but noted that coverage could surge to 65% if operators adopt spectrum sharing technologies that enable 5G deployments on LTE frequency bands.

mobilityView’s Thought Leadership Continues To Be Validated By Ericsson Mobility Report

Ericsson confirms that radio stacks in Smartphones will need to accommodate 600 MHz to 39 GHz and this has never occurred before (breadth of range). mobilityView pointed out 12 to 18 months ago that due to the way that 5G will be delivered the impact to the EBOM and SBOM associated with RF coverage in a device would be very expensive.

82% Increase in cellular data consumption Q1 2019 vs. Q1 2018

Embedded video is increasingly being used by more and more apps

  • North America – 7gb / month with 600% increase by 2024
  • Latin America – 3.1 gb / month with 600% increase by 2024
  • Western Europe – 6.7 gb / month with 500% increase by 2024
  • Central & Eastern Europe – 5.4 gb / month with 600% increase by 2024

mobilityView continues to be ahead of the pack in terms of its fundamental understanding of where the industry is going and why

Ericsson predicts 5G will grow faster than expected