Ericsson's Q2 2022 Mobility Report Confirm What mobilityView Was Saying Years Ago

July 07, 2022
Ericsson's Q2 2022 Mobility Report Confirm What mobilityView Was Saying Years Ago

Ericsson's Q2 2022 state of the mobile industry has been released and the link can be found below.

The trends that they have documented and are forecast to unfold speak to what we said in 2014 and each year thereafter.

The vast majority of usage of a Smartphone and Data in general (across any type of network) is personal in nature. It is why the global tax authorities are enforcing taxable benefits (company provided) and enforcing only the business usage may be deducted from personal taxes.

Summary as follows


- 6.3 Billion Subscriptions

- 73% of entire mobile phone market

5G Penetration Rate

- North American = 20%

- Western Europe = 6%

- 650 5G Smartphone Models Launched Globally

- 615m 5G Global Smartphones In Market

- Growth will be limited due to supply chain & geopolitical (no mention of recession)

Network Traffic Stats

- 40% Y-o-Y growth in mobile data

- Video represents 69% of all traffic

- 5G traffic was 10% of global traffic

- Data usage is growing due to

i. Better devices (Bandwidth intensive)

ii. Increase in data intensive content

iii. Improved networks (mobilityView Statement = Faster networks = more usage just like wireline)

- 15GB is 2022 average data monthly usage

- 2021 Traffic by region

i. North America = 15GB

ii. Western Europe = 15GB

iii. Latin America = 7.9GB

iv. Average = 12 GB

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