Google Delays Indefinitely Return To The Office & Other Big Employers Are Following

December 14, 2021
Google Delays Indefinitely Return To The Office & Other Big Employers Are Following

“We’re going to wait until the new year to assess when our office locations are ready to transition out of voluntary work-from-home. We’ll continue to determine when offices reopen and start the hybrid work week based on local conditions, which are dynamic and vary greatly across locations,” said a Google spokesperson.

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Ford Motor, Uber, Lyft all have delayed a return to the office indefinitely due to the new variant according to the WSJ.

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We’ve been spot on in terms of how this was going to play out :

  1. December 2020 we predict no return to office in 2021 :
  2. January 2021 we reiterate that prediction :
  3. September 2021 there would be no return to the office until earliest March 2022 and assumed no new Delta :

The cold hard reality is that the C-Suite is desperate to believe in what governments are telling them, and as such have only been realistically taking temporary measures.

Simple question for all the doubters out there….

How likely is it that a Chief Risk Officer or Chief Legal Officer is going to say “we have no litigation risk if an employee catches COVID at the office or on the way to the office?”

Has anyone spoken to Insurance Companies lately about what they are saying around the existing insurance policies companies with regards to COVID implications and associated death?

!!! WAKE UP !!!

The world has changed irrevocably and if you think your employees are going to return Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm into an office you are delusional.

75% of employees never want to go back to an office Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm :

On average employees wish to work 3.5 days per week at home :

89% of employees surveyed feel that they should be reimbursed for the business use of their personal IT assets : -

59% of all employees surveyed get neither a cellphone nor reimbursement for BYOD :

170m Americans in 24 US states are now required under new labour laws at the state level to be reimbursed :

Many EU countries have passed similar legislation as the US and it is accelerating :

Before the pandemic and WFH started - Class action lawsuits for failure to adequately reimburse were spiking :

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