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July 13, 2019
iPhone sales drop and Apple is looking to services (sound familiar?)

  • iPhone sales drop to below half of Apple’s revenue take
  • Apple is confident this is all part of the plan - services are ‘in’
  • Apple’s strategy shares much with telco DSP transformation

Apple yesterday announced what were expected to be slightly underwhelming financial results for its fiscal 2019 third quarter. In the usual way of measuring these things, they were. Apple has long since hit peak iPhone and this showed up as a distinct minus on the balance sheet.

For the first time since 2012 iPhone sales, down by $741 million from this time last year, are less than half the company’s total sales. Doom and gloom?

Not necessarily - Apple would like this to be seen as an important point in its long-discussed slow-motion pivot from hardware to services, showing that there are more ways of making money from iPhones and the associated gadgets than just selling them.

mobilityView Predicts Apple Will Expand B2B Service Offerings

Given the recent marketshare reports that Android has 88.9% global share in Q2 of this year; and that Apple has a disproportionately high share (relative to its broader calculation) in B2B sales; mobilityView continues to maintain that Apple will have to do considerably more in B2B from a services perspective.

Look for them to expand DEP perhaps via acquisition of an MDM/EMM player as a starting point.

You may see horizontal expansion through targeted acquisition of other Enterprise Line Of Business app providers.

iPhone sales drop and Apple is looking to services (sound familiar?)