IRS To Hire 87,000 Auditors Targeting Self Employed & Small Business Owners

September 12, 2022
IRS To Hire 87,000 Auditors Targeting Self Employed & Small Business Owners

It has been well documented for years that auditing the wealthy is incredible difficult for any tax authority including the IRS. The cold hard reality is that the wealthy can afford to pay Tax Accountants and Lawyers tens of thousands of dollars; whilst the average Gig Worker, Contractor/Freelancers, Self Employed Person and Small Business Owner can barely afford to pay for a piece of Tax Filing software.

The [Washington] Post reports the IRS expects a much lower return on all those “rich” people they claim they are going to audit with those 87,000 new agents, which is an eightfold increase in their budget….

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The The Likelihood Of IRS Audit To Double For The Average American :

The IRS Admits It Doesn't Audit the Rich Because It's Too Hard :

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