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September 09, 2018
Mobile Device Failures Are Literally Making Your Workers Sick

Device Malfunctions Are Costing Billions Of Dollars Each Year In Employee Sick Leave

The increase of mobility in the enterprise means that employees are becoming more reliant on their devices to efficiently complete work. Mobile devices, like most technology, can experience some occasional periods of malfunction. The problem is that when mobile devices experience prolonged or reoccurring defects, this could be detrimental for mobile workers.

B2M solutions surveyed 200 mobile workers in 2018 to determine the effects of mobile device issues on the health and wellbeing of employees. A quarter of workers rated their device as three out of five or less for reliability, and 5% of workers said that their devices fail every day. The biggest device malfunction was with battery issues, with over 40% saying that this was an ongoing issue. Other reoccurring issues for mobile workers include Wi-Fi failure and applications crashing.

We’ve seen situations where companies have turned off devices or turned off the ability to use the devices from a data &/or voice perspective upon certain thresholds being hit. What type of stress would it cause an employee to suddenly be cut off from usage; or have their usage so badly throttled that it renders the device in-opperable.

We’ve met with many companies that were taking this approach prior to meeting with us. Cutting off usage to manage costs is highly ineffective especially in a mobile first cloud first world. It is not only hurting your company from a productivity and bottom line perspective; it is clearly causing mental anguish in your employees.

Stop the madness!

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Mobile Device Failures Are Literally Making Your Workers Sick