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January 22, 2019
Most European CSPs expect more enterprise revenue opportunities from 5G

A new survey conducted by IDC, commissioned by Amdocs, has found that almost 80% of European CSPs anticipate increased enterprise revenue opportunities from 5G.

This was the headline datapoint from a survey in which IDC spoke to a bunch of senior management at CSPs from around the world. Another notable finding was that a third of all operators plan to offer enterprise 5G services in 2019 and that will increase to 84% of them in 2020.

“Operators of 5G networks can support mission-critical enterprise communications, with performance backed by service-level agreements,” said John Delaney, Associate VP of Mobility Research at IDC. “Our research shows that mobile operators are optimistic about the potential for 5G to support an expansion of their role in the enterprise market.”

“The survey clearly demonstrates that operators see 5G as a means to restore value around core connectivity services for business customers.” said Matthieu Loreille, VP Head of Consumer, Enterprise and Technology Marketing at Amdocs. “5G technologies such as network slicing will allow them to tailor the performance, security level and characteristics appropriate to each business, opening up differentiating monetization opportunities.

“Furthermore, by leveraging additional technologies such as artificial intelligence, edge computing and hybrid cloud, operators will be strongly positioned to support enterprises in their digital transformation journey. Effectively, this enables them to shift connectivity to the heart of their solutions with meaningful value-added services on top such as cybersecurity, cloud migration, hybrid cloud operations and many more.”

Amdocs & IDC Confirm That Enterprise Data Usage Will Grow Tremendously

72% Of European Telecom Operators believe that 65% of Enterprise customers will be using more Enterprise Data

We predicted this last year this reality as follows :

A fixed policy or a Stipend for reimbursement is NOT going to work and has the opposite affect. A fixed payment / stipend will limit and discourage legitimate business usage due to game theory and economics 101. Employees will look to maximize benefits which in a fixed payment / stipend environment runs counter to the intended consequences. We have seen these unexpected consequences impact organizations in a variety of curious ways that in no way benefit the company.

Most European CSPs expect more enterprise revenue opportunities from 5G