Nebraska Mandates Work From Home Reimbursement For Smartphones

October 30, 2022
Nebraska Mandates Work From Home Reimbursement For Smartphones

We previously reported that 24 US States representing 170 million Americans are required to be reimbursed for the Work From Home costs associated with the Business Usage of their personal Smartphones and wireless plans.

Nebraska joins the following US States that we have previously reported :

1) California :

2) New York State :

3) Massachusetts :

4) Washington DC :

5) South Dakota :

6) North Dakota :

7) Wyoming :

8) Vermont :

9) Montana :

10) New Hampshire :

11) Nebraska :

The Trends Are Global :

Our original 24 US State Posting :

Multiple EU countries following US :

Will the above US states follow the Dutch government's lead and make Work From Home an Employee Right at the state level? :

The Global Need Is VERY REAL :

58% Of Americans Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck :

36% Of Americans Earning $100,000+ Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck :

30% Of Americans Earning $250,000+ Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck :

41% Of Americans Are Turning To Gig Economy & Side Hustling To Make Ends Meet :

78% Of North Americans Are Looking For Extra Income To Relieve Financial Stress & 25% Looking To Gig & Side Hustle Work :

Nearly half of Canadians on the brink of insolvency :

1 In 4 Brits Are Skipping Meals According To Ipsos Research According To SkyNews & Ipsos Research :

500,000 UK Small Businesses Are On Track To Stop Trading In 2022 :

Americans, Canadians and Brits are giving up their pets to shelters because they can no longer afford them :

The Above Speaks To Why Our Market Research Is So Strong :

90% of employees surveyed feel that they should be reimbursed for the business use of their personal IT assets :

85% of employees surveyed in used their Personal IT assets in 2021 for business purposes :

59% of all employees surveyed get neither a cellphone nor reimbursement for BYOD :

How we create a win/win for employees & employers & their contractors :

The Consequences Of Failure To Abide By Labour Laws & Doing The Right Thing (Reimbursing) :

We predicted in 2019 Class Action Lawsuits Would Spike (Employee vs. Employer) :

We were spot on in our prediction : and most recently LA Times article :

As Reported By Bloomberg : Amazon Loses Request To Dismiss Class Action Lawsuit For Failure To Reimburse For Work From Home Connectivity Costs :

Creating A Win/Win For Employees & Employers via Cost Sharing :

Save $1,500 / Year By Not Carrying 2 Smartphones (Business & Personal) Employee Or Gig Worker :

Get Up To A $1,000 Tax Deduction Per Year (Employee Or Gig Worker) :

Free Trial (Promo Code : Website06) :

Our Mobile Cost Management (MCM) Solution :

  1. 70% More cost effective than a Stipend for Smartphone Reimbursement
  2. 75% More cost effective than a Company provided phone
  3. Keeps companies labour law and tax law compliant
  4. Protects companies against class action lawsuits by their employees for failure to reimburse or adequately reimburse
  5. Keeps employees reimbursed & happy in a tax efficient lower cost way than a stipend or company provided phone
  6. Aligns your smartphone reimbursement policy to your mileage reimbursement policy. Tax authorities globally have required a mileage book for years and now require a "mileage book for connectivity costs" denoting the business vs. personal usage & cost

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Employee WFH / BYOD Reimbursement :
Employer WFH / BYOD Cost Savings :

Employee & Employer Cost Sharing For Win/Win :
Carrying 2 Phones? Save $1,500 Annually On Cell Bills :

Tax Deduction Changes For US Gig Workers :
Tax Deduction Changes For Canadian Gig Workers :
Tax Deduction Changes For Australian Gig Workers :

Gig Worker & Employee Tax Deduction/Reimbursement For Previous Years :
Canadian Employee Tax Deduction Up To $1,000 :

Non-Canadian Employee & Gig Worker tax deduction :

Get $30 to $80 / Month Tax Free In The Form Of Reimbursement Or Tax Deduction :

Smartphone global tax trends :