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October 17, 2019
O2 UK gets down to business with 5G

  • Oculus VR headset, MelodyVR subscription bundled with certain tariffs
  • Serious business: telco touts 5G partnerships with Samsung, ITN, Mazak
  • Upcoming Wayra sites will provide companies with 5G test environments

5G is a serious business, as the hype has led us to believe, and so it’s no surprise that business services and enterprise partners featured prominently in O2 UK’s 5G network switch-on announcement.

In addition to the run-of-the-mill 5G business tariffs, O2 is launching 5G as a bolt-on for SME and enterprise customers. The bolt-on can be added to an employee’s phone plan without needing to make any changes to their contract. Stuff like this is crucial in the early phases of a 5G deployment, where network availability will be patchy at best.

To drive interest in launching 5G-based applications and services – and to hammer home the business opportunity of 5G – O2 plans to launch new Wayra innovation spaces across the UK. These will make 5G test environments available to companies of all sizes.

5G Costing More Than Initially Forecasted

As you can see in the article below, it would appear that 5G is costing more than expected.

mobilityView predicted this reality and this realization is going to hit the global Telecom community hard in the next 6 months.

Global recession + More Expensive 5G Hardware + More Expensive 5G Rate Plans

Look for BYOD and CoIT (Consumerization of IT) to accelerate in wireless B2B segment. Employers are going to be downloading costs to employees.

Is there a solution for a wireless operator - Yes

  1. Raise 5G rate plans (they are way too cheap)
  2. Use mobilityView to mitigate the speed of BYOD and CoIT adoption in B2B
  3. Employees and Employers share in the cost of mobility

O2 UK gets down to business with 5G