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September 27, 2018
Only one in four businesses are ready for digital era – Vodafone

Despite dawn breaking on the digital economy, Vodafone claims only 24% of businesses globally could reasonably call themselves cyber ready, but those who are should prepare themselves for a cash boost.

Releasing its Cyber Ready Barometer, a report to measure how firms are progressing towards the digital era, Vodafone states the average score for UK businesses in terms of cyber readiness is 46/100, with only 34% of businesses achieving ‘Advanced’ status. Those who are classed as ‘Cyber Ready’ scored 4.3/5 for reported stakeholder trust (customers, employees and regulators) while 47% reported annual revenue increasing by at least 5% in the last 12 months.

“From our perspective the biggest takeaway from the research was how few business are truly cyber ready and how many were not doing the basic controls,” said Vodafone Enterprise Cyber Security Lead Maureen Kaplan. “The need to protect organizations is absolutely critical but only one in four are actually proactive. That is worrying from a societal view point.”

One of the reasons for this could be a disconnect between the IT department and the employees within the business. While the IT department is searching for new ways to make the business digital ready, Kaplan worries whether right steps are being made and even if the department has a complete understanding of the business.

63% Of Employees & 43% Of IT Admins Say Employees Use Their Own Devices In UK

The BYOD trend is accelerating in the UK and Europe. The Consumerisation of IT (CoIT) is an unstoppable force that employees and employers need to embrace.

Key to this trend is what is the appropriate tax compliant and tax fair way to reimburse your employees for the legit business usage of a smart device and plan.

In the UK we have already met with companies that have been audited by HMRC for the failure to report the taxable benefit that is a corporate provided phone & plan.

What if there was a way to reimburse the employee on an after tax basis down to the penny for all legitimate business voice, data, sms costs local & roaming.

Only one in four businesses are ready for digital era – Vodafone