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April 07, 2019
Shockingly Good Smartphones You Can Get for $350 or Less

It’s become an unwritten but unbreakable rule: Great phones cost $1,000. A few years ago, when we were paying $200 with a two-year contract, that seemed preposterous. Now you’re either renting an iPhone XS for $42 a month or dropping 10 Benjamins on Day One.

I’ve long recommended that people buy the most expensive phone they can afford. Your phone is likely your most important device, and it’s worth investing in. Recently, though, a generation of far cheaper phones hit the market offering a shockingly similar experience.

mobilityView Predicts Mid-Tier Devices Will Accelerate (B2B & B2C)

The state of the global economy is somewhat precarious and the global operator community has very significantly reduced or even eliminated the device subsidy.

A very good article by the @Wall Street Journal on cellphone functionalities at considerably lower price points.

We anticipate that the $1,000+ devices will be limited to the C-Suite when corporate provided; and that there will be an influx of mid-range devices in B2B due to the pricing disparities… A corporate provided PC costs less than $450 USD. You will also see these mid-range devices comes with increased security capabilities as the mobile OEMs look to attack the potential soft underbelly.

We wonder what the global mobile operator community might do in terms of “encouraging” the mid-range in B2B?

Shockingly Good Smartphones You Can Get for $350 or Less