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October 10, 2018
Snapchat unveils new original shows to lure back users

New York (CNN Business)Snapchat is hoping its new original content will help bring back former users and appeal to existing ones.

On Wednesday, the company unveiled its first collection of Snap Originals, including scripted programs and docuseries produced exclusively for the platform. The shows will include drama, mystery, horror and comedy.

The company is partnering with popular social media stars such as Summer McKeen and Dylan Jordan and writers from hit TV shows such as “Riverdale” and “Friday Night Lights” for the programs. The shows are shareable and can be binge-watched, too.

First Apple and now SnapChat. Look for Facebook &/or WhatsApp to respond. We’ve already seen operators buy content companies to drive media consumption and the associated monetizing affects.

Usage and bills will only go up; and more evidence why tax authorities have realized that a smartphone and the associated plans have little to do for work; so if you are getting a phone & a plan… Well that’s a taxable benefit just like a gym membership; just like a car allowance.

Snapchat unveils new original shows to lure back users