Statistics Canada Thinks There Are 286,000 Gig Drivers In Canada

February 03, 2023
Statistics Canada Thinks There Are 286,000 Gig Drivers In Canada

The title of the article that we use is intentional.... The key word is "thinks".

As we have previously reported, we believe Statistics Canada continues to have very large issues with their Data Sets and how they are tracking numbers in general. It is widely known on Bay Street and Wall Street that the data sets around Labour Statistics and Employment Statistics is monumentally inaccurate.

We believe this playing out once again in this new data set that Statistics Canada only just started tracking in a meaningful way.

As those that track us know we've had our finger on the pulse of the Gig Economy for quite sometime and is evidenced by the partnership we have announced with SkipTheDishes (Canada's largest Gig Driver company) :

You would expect we might have an idea as to the number of Gig Drivers that Skip has as a result of that partnership...

Our math indicates that the number of Canadians that derive some or all of their income from the Gig Economy as a Driver is orders of magnitude larger.

What is clearly self evident is that there is global coordination to track the number of Gig Workers as evidenced by :

"To ensure that new forms of employment are fully captured in the concepts and definitions used by the Labour Force Survey (LFS), Statistics Canada has worked with international counterparts and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe to produce the Handbook on Forms of Employment."

We have commented on a number of occasions that there is strong evidence of OECD/G-20 coordination on the topic of Smartphone Taxation and other tax matters.

You can see our take on what we think the size of the Canadian Gig Economy was in 2016 :

Our belief is that US Statistics are considerably more accurate and using the standard "Canada is one tenth the size of the US" one might reasonably continue to question Statistics Canada data accuracy when taking into account :

  1. 57 Million Americans were in the Gig Economy in 2018 according to Forbes
  2. Intuit said in 2017 that 34% of the ENTIRE US Labour force derived some or all of their income from the Gig Economy
  3. JP Morgan, McKinsey and Goldman Sachs (took Uber and Lyft public) said there were 59 million Americans in the Gig Economy in 2018

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