The BYOD California Ruling In 2014 Was The Match That Started The Fire Of WFH Reimbursement

October 31, 2022
The BYOD California Ruling In 2014 Was The Match That Started The Fire Of WFH Reimbursement

We accurately predicted in September of 2014 that the Supreme Court of California Ruling in Cochran v. Schwan's Home Service would go national and that Class Action Lawsuits would result.

You’ll see in the reporting on this topic that no one was talking about the precedent for voice that had effectively been also set for Data Costs… What no one has talked about either is the impact for hardware costs.

A SIM card or ESIM is completely worthless without a Smartphone.

An argument can also be made that a Smartphone without an a SIM or ESIM is also equally worthless in a mobile setting.

In order to get the mobile experience a Smartphone and a Wireless Plan is required and when you add the two costs together you are talking about $80 to $120 / month total cost.

170m Americans in 24 US states are now required under new labour laws at the state level to be reimbursed :

We’ve named a list of 11 of the 24 US States here :

The Stats Are Shocking But True :

1. 90% of employees surveyed feel that they should be reimbursed for the business use of their personal IT assets :

2. 85% of employees surveyed in used their Personal IT assets in 2021 for business purposes :

3. 59% of all employees surveyed get neither a cellphone nor reimbursement for BYOD :

4. 80% of all employees surveyed get neither Home Internet provided for them nor reimbursed :

5. 58% Of Americans Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck :

As we predicted in 2014 the Class Action lawsuits started before the pandemic and have only got worse :

1. Before the pandemic and WFH started - Class action lawsuits for failure to adequately reimburse employees for BYOD and Smartphone costs were spiking :

2. Class action lawsuits now off the charts (LA Times) due to failure to adequately reimburse for WFH and BYOD Smartphone Costs :

3. Amazon Loses Request To Dismiss Class Action Lawsuit For Failure To Reimburse For Work From Home Connectivity Costs :

Our Mobile Cost Management (MCM) Solution :

  1. 70% More cost effective than a Stipend for Smartphone Reimbursement
  2. 75% More cost effective than a Company provided phone
  3. Keeps companies labour law and tax law compliant
  4. Protects companies against class action lawsuits by their employees for failure to reimburse or adequately reimburse
  5. Keeps employees reimbursed & happy in a tax efficient lower cost way than a stipend or company provided phone
  6. Aligns your smartphone reimbursement policy to your mileage reimbursement policy. Tax authorities globally have required a mileage book for years and now require a "mileage book for connectivity costs" denoting the business vs. personal usage & cost

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