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December 15, 2021
The Canadian Government Confirms That Work From Home Will Be The Norm In 2022

“As workplaces around the country continue to grapple with the return to the office, many Canadians continue to work from home for all or part of their jobs.”

The Canadian Government in yesterday’s budget release confirm that mobilityView’s prediction that we won’t be returning to a pre-pandemic office setting in Canada in 2022.

In the link below you will see that they are extending the Home Office Deduction for the entirety of the 2022 tax year; essentially confirming the following posts that mobilityView has put out :

We predicted in December of 2020 that there would not be wide scale return to the office in 2021 :

We repeated this prediction in January of 2021 :

We predicted in September 2021 that there would be no return to the office until earliest March 2022 and assumed no new Delta :

Google, Uber, Ford and Lyft announce indefinite delay in return to the office due to Omnicron :

75% of employees never want to go back to an office Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm :

On average employees wish to work 3.5 days per week at home :

89% of employees feel they should be reimbursed for the business use of their personal IT assets :

59% of employees get neither a phone nor reimbursement for BYOD :

170m Americans in 24 US states are required under new laws at the state level to be reimbursed :

Many EU countries have passed similar legislation & it is accelerating :

Before the pandemic & WFH started - Class action lawsuits for failure to adequately reimburse were spiking :

30 Second Explainer Videos Of What We Do :

Go Back In Time & Get More Tax Deductions As A Gig Worker For Years Where You Claimed Too Little Or Nothing:

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Employee reimbursement : Employer cost savings :

Employee & Gig Worker tax deduction : Smartphone global tax trends :

The Canadian Government Confirms That Work From Home Will Be The Norm In 2022