The Dutch Parliament Has Passed New Labour Law Legislation Mandating The Employee Right To Work From Home

July 11, 2022
The Dutch Parliament Has Passed New Labour Law Legislation Mandating The Employee Right To Work From Home

mobilityView continues to be ahead of the curve on all things Work From Home related and we are way ahead of those companies that are providing strategy consulting services on this topic.

You are going to see rapid global adoption of this trend for a few very simple reasons that no one has yet to surface.

There are 2 factors at play that no one seems to have caught on to that will drive this trend fast :

The # of cars taken off the road associated with the daily commute and the impact that this is going to have across 2 major important socio-economic realities facing the world :

  1. Inflation/Stagflation/Recession
  2. The Green Agenda

Pre-pandemic it was safe to say that 90% of the entire labour force was using some form of energy (usually oil & natural gas related) to get to the office each day. Whether it was in the form of public transit, commuter train or good old fashioned car. There is a significant cost to energy which has only increased in the last 9 months on a permanent basis and then compounded by Russia. The daily commute is quite expensive (even when subsidized) and has not been tax deductible (commutes to and from the office are not tax free reimbursable or tax deductible.)

Work From Home means that the monthly savings will be of MATERIAL significance to the monthly budget of any commuter; and the savings can be used to fund the impact of the current inflationary/stagflationary reality and the coming global recession.

For those countries that are adopting the Green Agenda then this is a perfect way to reduce Green House emmissions associated with the daily commute. Billions of tanks of gas will not be consumed annually. For those countries that have an electoral mandate to drive the green agenda this is a perfect opportunity to drive this reality home; which will have a dual purpose of immediate cleaner air and meeting long term emission targets.

Positive feedback loops exist that drive the above associated with reduced traffic which means fewer cars on the road; which means stop and go traffic is significantly reduced with the associated cost savings and green benefits.

Predictions :

  1. Every European country that is reliant on Russian gas will adopt in the next 6 to 15 months
  2. Germany and Spain will follow Netherlands in the next 6 to 9 months
  3. 24 US States (170m Americans) that have passed WFH labour law will follow in the next 12 to 18 months
  4. Canada, New Zealand, Australia will follow in the next 15 to 24 months
  5. WFH for a gig driver will be determined to be their car with the associated protections/reimbursement requirements

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