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February 08, 2019
UK users face potential return of EU roaming fees

The UK government confirmed citizens could face high roaming charges when using their mobile phones across Europe if the country fails to reach a formal agreement to leave the European Union (EU).

Culture secretary Jeremy Wright told ministers operators could not be prevented from imposing roaming charges on UK citizens if there was no deal between the UK and the EU, although he added the government was working on voluntary agreements.

The UK and EU are currently negotiating the wider terms of the country’s exit from Europe, which is scheduled to take place on 29 March.

However, failure to reach an agreement would complicate matters, as no regulations would be in place on the amount European operators could charge UK operators when their customers travel across the continent.

UK Likely To Reinstate EU Roaming Charges & EU Roaming To UK – Costs To Go Up

The UK Government is signaling that EU roaming will return in the event of a hard exit.

What this article doesn’t say is that it is also a guarantee that if there is a hard exit then if you are a EU citizen roaming will also return when you travel to the UK.

UK users face potential return of EU roaming fees