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August 28, 2020
What Do The Large Spikes In COVID19 Cases In Europe, USA, Canada & India Mean For Return To Work?

USA : Midwest Sees Spike in COVID Cases

Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota all reported record one-day increases in the number of new COVID-19 cases on Thursday.

More U.S. colleges see spike in COVID-19 cases after classes resume

(Reuters) - More U.S. colleges were grappling with high numbers of students testing positive for the coronavirus just days into the start of the fall semester after some universities rolled back their campus reopening plans in recent weeks.


Europe Took A Holiday From COVID-19. Now It’s Paying The Price.

New coronavirus cases hit record highs across the continent, providing the starkest warning since lockdown that the pandemic isn’t over.


Canada bracing for expected fall peak of COVID-19 that could overwhelm health systems: Tam

Federal health officials are preparing for surges in new cases of COVID-19, including an expected peak of the outbreak this fall that could temporarily exceed the ability of the health-care system to cope.

As Canada continues to reopen and as more people gather together indoors, including in schools, the federal government is planning for a “reasonable worst-case scenario.”


India records yet another steepest hike in COVID-19 cases; tally climbs to 33,87,500

NEW DELHI: With a whopping 77,266 new COVID-19 cases detected in a day, the highest for a 24 hour period, India on Friday broke USA’s record of registering the highest daily spike in cases. As per data by the Johns Hopkins University, the highest caseload of 77,255 till today was reported in US on July 16.

What Do The Large Spikes In COVID19 Cases In Europe, US, Canada & India Mean For Return To Work?

In the link below you’ll see a series of articles about what is happening in US, Europe, and Canada

“The epidemic is changing. People in their 20s, 30s and 40s are increasingly driving its spread,” Takeshi Kasai, regional director of the World Health Organization, said this week. Individuals in their 20s to 40s is where the bulk of employment exists in Europe.

Big spikes in Spain UK has told all its citizens to get back to the UK immediately Even big % spikes in Germany in the infection rates and Germany has the best track record of all European countries

The USA is seeing major spikes coast to coast and in both the North and the South

Here in Canada we have seen the highest COVID infection rates ever in the province of British Colombia, and large spikes in Quebec and Ontario.

The Canadian government is warning Canadians that the Fall and Winter period is likely to be the worst that we have seen.

What does this mean for a return to work, the nature of work, and the location of work?

We are NEVER returning to what we knew pre-COVID 19.

The office is going to look radically different and will be a lot smaller.

The earliest you will see large volumes of employers and large volumes of employees returning to an “office” will be June of next year at the earliest.

mobilityView is critical to any Modern Workplace, Intelligent Workspace, Work From Home Strategy.

What Do The Large Spikes In COVID19 Cases In Europe, USA, Canada & India Mean For Return To Work?