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June 28, 2018
Why IT departments are at a crisis point

IT departments are at a crisis point when it comes to digital transformation and application development, reveals OutSystems’ fifth annual research report on the state of application development and the challenges faced by application development and delivery teams.

“The high failure rate of digital transformation projects, increasing project backlogs, and the scarcity of developer talent are critical concerns,” said Steve Rotter, CMO at OutSystems.

The new research report provides in-depth insights from IT managers, enterprise architects, and developers addressing a wide range of issues. Digital transformation dominates business strategy today, which is why web and mobile development demand is booming. Moreover, speed and agility are more important than ever before.

“In a world that is changing at breakneck speed, it is crucial to identify and respond to digital innovation opportunities more quickly than your competitors. To get to market first, you need the courage for rapid experimentation. It is these dynamics that place low-code platforms like OutSystems at the top of the CIO’s agenda in 2018,” explains Rotter.

This OutSystems report explores the priorities and challenges of application development and delivery and the strategies that IT teams are using to try and speed up delivery.

Explosive Growth In B2B Apps To Be Deployed In 2018 - Why IT departments are at a crisis point

The growth in legitimate usage of B2B apps is clearly evident in the article. The explosive growth referenced is in addition to what is already being done. Very simply in a mobile first cloud first world where the mobile device becomes the preferred endpoint for all things; the growth of legitimate business related usage of a smart device will increase geometrically. You will see that we have already predicted this in previous posts.

A stipend is not going to work given the growth in legitimate business related usage and the ridiculous costs of hardware now (a typical top end smartphone will cost at least double that of the traditional corporate provided PC).

Employers and employees need a mileage book for the phone; we are that mileage book.

Why IT departments are at a crisis point