Insight and Analytics

Reduce Costs
Understand your costs better with a level of detail not previously available:

Eliminates "bill shock" by using real-time analytics

Save up to 70% off the total cost of ownership

Significant solution ROI of up to 400%

Reduce the costs of managing a smartphone fleet (up to an additional 100% of your monthly smartphone invoices)

Automates mobile bill expense claims, hours of productivity savings

Automates mobile bill expense claims, hours of productivity savings

Claim business use of home Wi-Fi for teleworkers (office share / home)

Real-time tracking of mobile use and mobile bill calculations to avoid overspend (domestic / international / roaming)

Puts employees in control of privacy for disclosure to the business

Ensure Compliancy
Mobile smart devices, in business, have tax implications for both the enterprise and the employee. The MCM Platform ensures compliancy with most regulatory environments with a level of detail that is unprecedented:

For the first time, be able to track business versus personal usage across voice, SMS, and data – a requirement in most tax jurisdictions

The option to avoid Benefit in Kind Rulings by paying only for business usage

Employees on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) now have documentation for tax submittals that companies can't provide today
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