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Whether you are self-employed or using a personal mobile smart device for work, you are left to prove the minutes and data consumed in the performance of work. Highlighting a paper mobile bill, to attach to an expense report, can be time consuming. Also, with no way to breakdown your mobile data use, from your mobile bill, you face loss of expenses and tax deductibility opportunity

With personal use of mobile smart devices becoming a taxable benefits, due to the personal benefit derived, isolating business use is the only way to remain tax complaint. Increasingly, tax authorities are seeking to be creative and even a fixed monthly amount, paid by the client / employer, is deemed a benefit in kind and is not exempt from taxation

The MCM Platform is a real-time analytics platform, which makes your mobile smart device expenses easy to manage and be tax complaint:

Real time statistics right on your smartphone reporting on all usage (voice, data and SMS / MMS)

Automatically generate expense reports, significantly reducing the time and effort for claiming expenses

Makes claiming tax deductions easy, with an audit trial acceptable by tax authorities

Allows reporting on business usage, while ensuring personal privacy is never compromised

Apportion the cost of hardware, for personally owned mobile smart devices, based on percentage used for business

Reimbursement for home Wi-Fi for business use (teleworkers)
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