Global Telecom Layoffs Accelerate

January 04, 2024
Global Telecom Layoffs Accelerate

Telefonica is the latest operator to announce massive job cuts.

They are cutting 15% of the entire Spanish labour force with more cuts planned in 2026.

2024 will see a very significant increase in Telco job cuts for all of the reasons that we predicted in earlier posts.

What is amazing is that network utilization as never been higher, which should mean record profitability... that is is in a world where pricing is rational.

The Telecom Operator community refuse to bite the bullet, and do what is required and that is to very significantly (double digit) increase prices on an annual basis and unwind unlimited plans for Wireless and Home Internet.

The reality is that the decision not to do this probably has come too late for the vast majority of Telecom Operators; as they should have never gone 5G unlimited at the start of the 5G "growth" cycle. Home Internet utilization should have been capped with overage charges years ago and pre-pandemic.

The entire business model of Telco no longer works in a world of increasing interest rates (the 20 year downward direction of interest rates is over.)

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The only path forward is innovation and doing things differently and launching "new to the world" services rather than products and services that are "new" to the Telecom Operator but that their customers have been already using for 10 years... 20 years... 30 years (yes that is correct).

Partnering with mobilityView Inc. is a good step on that innovation journey & we suspect executives at all levels in Telecom Operators are being told by their CEO - "Show me what you are doing differently"

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